Why qbRus Services:

You know that your bank account is healthy but financial reports don’t make ‘cents’.

Finding a bookkeeper who knows how to use QuickBooks® software correctly can be a frustrating task so you try to find a qualified part time employee. This is even more taxing (pardon the pun). No worries!!, You have us.

Quick ‘where is the ‘undo’ button?’. You are stuck on a screen in the program and the ‘Help’ is anything but. You need to figure out what is wrong.

As you grow, you add more staff, Are they up to speed on Quickbooks? Let us help brush up their skills.

We perform these tasks to free up some quality time for you:

– Maintain a pristine General Ledger

– Keep the Chart of Accounts up to date

– Account Receivable and Account Payable balances accurate and current

– Customer and Vendor lists up to date

– Payroll and Sales taxes accurate and current

– Bank and Credit card reconciliations to the penny

– Inventory Management including assemblies maintained accurately

– Prepare accurate Profit and Loss statements

– Prepare accurate Balance Sheet

– Prepare budgets

– Institute proper Class or Location tracking

These services can be performed either onsite or remotely through 3rd party remoting services, such as Teamviewer.