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qbRus is an Atlanta, Georgia business, operated by QuickBooks(QB) certified professionals who help small and medium sized businesses meet their bookkeeping  needs and manage their finances better.  Bringing structure and organization to a business’ finances with the use of Intuit’s QB Financial Software product, qbRus quickly helps the business owner identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses in the financial plans.

…qbRus is all about freeing up quality time for a business owner to focus on business growth.

…Or take that long overdue vacation with your loved ones…Worry free!!

Our primary goal is to free up quality time for the business owner so that they can refocus that time on business growth strategies or spend some quality time with their loved ones on that long overdue vacation.  qbRus makes this possible by bringing rigorous attention to detail, a strong commitment to follow through and  ensuring that all items affecting the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet like sales, expenses, large purchases, loans ,  payroll , taxes , etc., are recorded in a timely and accurate manner.

…qbRus will deliver accurate Profit & Loss, Balance sheet and Cash Flow statements by the 15th of the following month                 

…qbRus makes Tax season Hassle Free!!. Make your CPA love you.  

During tax season, qbRus will ensure that you to handover a detailed, accurate and up-to-date financial picture to your CPA . Can you help it if your CPA fall in love with you?

…qbRus goes beyond the basic services and offers high quality financial insights.

As prior successful business owners and CEO’s / CFO’s of small and medium sized private and public companies, the staff at qbRus have extensive background in all facets of running successful companies including Finance, Sales/Marketing and Operations. This background strength is brought to bear in providing qbRus customers’ keen insight into the analyses of financial statements. Understanding how and why transactions affect Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow statements in certain ways is a business imperative for a successful owner

…qbRus is continuously looking to suggest ways improve your financial processes.

qbRus goes beyond providing the basic bookkeeping services and offers process change recommendations to improve your financial processes. Many business owners believe that keeping financial records is for the sole purpose of meeting their tax season needs.  The use of QuickBooks in this manner leads to the isolation of the financial process from the rest of the business operation and results in duplication of effort and cost.

Good business owners recognize that continuous process improvements in the financial area are the cornerstone to continued stellar sales, expense reduction and business growth.  qbRus is ready to help you smooth the integration of good record keeping habits into your daily business activities.

..How would you view your business ….Cash Rich and Income Poor or vice versa? Or something else entirely? .. qbRus provides detailed insights for you to know the difference and the reasons.

… Getting ready to apply for a business loan, let qbRus expertise help you with budgeting, forecasting and cash flow projections. qbRus staff has been there done that.